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Anti-spark polyester needle felt


Latest company news about Anti-spark polyester needle felt

Polyester needle felt:

Polyester room temperature needle felt is a fine fiber cloth with staggered arrangement of fibers and uniform gap distribution by non-woven needle punching process. The surface of the needle felt made of polyester staple fiber and polyester twisted yarn is hot-rolled, singeed or coated. After post-treatment, the surface is flat and smooth, and it is not easy to be blocked by dust. This filter material has a large porosity, good air permeability, extremely wide range of uses, and strong chemical resistance. It can not only filter normal temperature gases, but also filter air containing acid and alkali. Corrosive gas, and can filter water, oil, is an ideal filter material for normal temperature conditions, liquid-solid separation and other fields.


In metallurgical processes, sometimes burning particles come into contact with the needle felts. We produce anti-spark needle felts, which are resistant to flying sparks.
1) Resistant to flying sparks
2) Resistant to high temperatures
3) Long operational life

Description of Anti-spark Polyester Needle Felt: (Can be customized):
Our Anti-spark Polyester Needle Felt is a new filter media with carbon coating. We use a special finish treatment to enhance its performance and extend its lifetime.

Specifications of Anti-spark Polyester Needle Felt:
1. Material: polyester staple fiber, carbon powder
2. Scrim: polyester staple yarn
3. Width: ≤2.2m
4. Thickness: 1.7mm
5. Weight: 400-600g/m2 ±10%
6. Brand Name: FILMEDIA

Features of Anti-spark Polyester Needle Felt:
1. Anti-spark
2. Good anti-acid, good anti-alkali, good hydrolysis stability
3. Excellent anti-abrasion
4. High quality and economical
5. Can be customized

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