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Advantages of cartridge filter over bag filter


Latest company news about Advantages of cartridge filter over bag filter

The cartridge dust collector is a new type of dust collector produced on the basis of the bag dust collector. It uses a new type of filter cartridge as the filter material, which makes it have high efficiency, low resistance, simple maintenance and management, small size, and filtration per unit volume. It has the advantages of large area, compact structure, easy replacement of filter cartridges, and high performance.


latest company news about Advantages of cartridge filter over bag filter  0


  1. Surface of the filter cartridge-type baghouse dust far more efficient than the old filter, greatly reducing the emissions of harmful substances, air purification index reached the world advanced level, completely changed the old dust is mainly the backwardness.
  2. Filter cartridge filter without wear and tear, the body which has no moving parts, long-term use is not required to repair (even removable cartridge is also very convenient) to avoid the old-fashioned dust constantly changing media troubles, province money saving time nor secondary pollution.
  3. Cartridge filter its size, weight is far less than the old filter with the specifications, save construction space and civil load, saving significant infrastructure investment.
  4. Small resistance, a small amount of compressed air consumption, no maintenance workload. Electromagnetic pulse valve dust than saving all kinds of old-fashioned, more than 30% owned section.

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