Saudi Arabia machining filter cartridge dust collector project

August 15, 2023
Latest company case about Saudi Arabia machining filter cartridge dust collector project

Customer Information: Saudi Arabia Machining Filter Cartridge Dust Collector Project


The main source of dust: mechanical processing


Dust collector process: filter cartridge pulse dust collector


Handling air volume: 15000m3/h


Filtration area: 300m2


Dust removal efficiency: 99.5%


Application industry: mechanical processing, wood industry, semiconductor


HUADING has 15 years of experience in dust and waste gas treatment projects.

The main dust collectors are: bag dust collector, filter cartridge dust collector, wet dust collector, cyclone dust collector. At the same time, it provides customers with one-stop direct supply services of working condition survey, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

And it has provided products for 1000+ customers, and the environmental protection acceptance of the dust removal equipment has reached the standard, helping customers meet the national environmental protection emission requirements, and at the same time realize energy saving and consumption reduction, and also save costs.