Net ring water treatment project of a steel plant

April 10, 2023
Latest company case about Net ring water treatment project of a steel plant

The multi-media filter adopts multi-layer filter material, and the filter speed is designed at 12-20m/H. The principle is that when the raw water passes through the filter material from top to bottom, the suspended solids in the water are intercepted by the surface of the filter layer due to adsorption and mechanical flow resistance. .

When water flows into the middle of the filter layer, because the sand particles in the filter material layer are arranged more tightly, the particles in the water have more opportunities to collide with the sand particles, so the flocs, suspended solids and sand particles in the water adhere to each other, and the impurities in the water are retained. In the filter material layer, thus obtaining clear water quality.

The filtered effluent suspension can be below 5 mg/L.