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Indonesian electronics factory bag filter project


Latest company news about Indonesian electronics factory bag filter project

Project Introduction:
Electronic factories usually generate a lot of dust during the production process. At this time, it is necessary to purify the dust through the dust removal equipment, and the dust generated by the customer requires the ultra-low emission of 10mg/m3 through the dust removal equipment.

>> Expected effect:
This project is in the process of electronics factory, supporting dust treatment equipment
Actively and steadily adopt new technology and new equipment, and adopt advanced and reliable pollution control technology in combination with the current situation and management level of the enterprise, striving for stable operation, low cost, convenient management and easy maintenance.

>>Device configuration parameters:
Handling air volume: 21600cmh
Dimensions: 8000mm*1900mm*5500mm
Material: Q235B*4.5t
Filtration area: 1600m2
Filtration speed: 99.5%

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