Dust collector bag delivery

March 29, 2023
Latest company case about Dust collector bag delivery

Dust collector bags are divided into temperature-resistant materials and normal temperature bags: normal temperature bags are mainly made of polyester, polypropylene, acrylic and other fibers through non-woven fabrics and textile processes.


They have good air permeability, smooth surface, good dimensional stability and easy peeling. Dustproof and other excellent performance. It is mainly used in the field of dust removal and normal temperature flue gas treatment in general industrial enterprises with dust pollution; my country has begun to use synthetic fibers to develop high-performance filter materials that can adapt to relatively harsh working conditions and have a long service life.


The more common medium-temperature filter materials are aramid fibers and PPS series fibers, which achieve ideal effects through impregnation, waterproof, oil-proof, and anti-corrosion processes; high-temperature resistant fibers such as glass fibers and ultra-fine glass fibers are made of textile and non-woven fabrics. Processed, it has the characteristics of good thermal stability, high filtration efficiency and long service life.