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A petrochemical plant water cycle treatment project


Latest company news about A petrochemical plant water cycle treatment project

The medium discharged from the petrochemical plant production equipment contains some sulfur-containing sewage, crude oil, diesel oil, residual oil, etc. The sulfur-containing sewage is extremely corrosive and has a considerable corrosion effect on water-cooling equipment and system pipelines. Running brought great difficulty.


While meeting the transformation goals, it reduces maintenance costs and facilitates repairs, improves the stability and safety of the equipment, and enables it to have a high-efficiency dust collection effect.
1. High speed, low pressure loss, large flow;
2. Modular equipment, small footprint, less piping, low investment;
3. Multiple cleaning modes: manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic backwashing;
4. The backwash water source can be selected from the system, water tower or external water source, and can be switched automatically.

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